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Ghilli Ticket Booking Chennai

Ghilli Directed by Dharani, Music by Vidyasagar Starring Vijay, Trisha, Prakash Raj and others is re-releasing Worldwide on April 20 2024 to celebrate its 20th aniversary mark. This movie was released on April 17 2024. Watching a classic like Ghilli on the big screen can evoke feelings of nostalgia and transport viewers back to the time when the movie was first released.

The re-release of Ghilli can also serve as a community event where fans of the movie can come together to relive the excitement and memorable moments of the film. With the movie being re-released for a limited time, it offers fans a chance to experience the magic of Ghilli once again before it goes off the big screen.

The popularity of Prakash Raj’s role as Muthupandi sparked numerous parodies featuring the character. The endearing name “Chellam,” used by Muthupandi to address Dhanalakshmi, became a widely recognized term used sarcastically to address someone perceived as an adversary.

Ghilli’s box office success in Tamil Nadu, collecting ₹32 crore, and overseas with ₹3.5 crore, made it the top-grossing Tamil film of the year. Adjusted for inflation in 2023, these figures translate to ₹113 crore and ₹12 crore respectively, showcasing the film’s enduring popularity and financial impact.